Uber promises to stop using program to evade cops on routes

The transport service of passengers via smart phones had acknowledged last week that used the computer program “Greyball” to keep drivers away from trouble, including sting operations designed to catch drivers offenders.

“We have initiated a review of the different ways in which this technology has been used until now,” said the chief of security of Uber, Joe Sullivan, in a statement in the line entitled “Update on greyballing.’

“In addition, we are expressly prohibiting its use in the face of future action by local regulators,” he added.

He explained that due to the way Uber systems are configured, “it will take some time to get this ban fully implemented.”

According to Uber, this tool was used in cities where it was not prohibited and the main objective was to protect drivers from discomfort from competitors who use this smartphone app to interfere with the service rather than request actual travel.

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