Science for all programme for entrepreneur

Promote interest in scientific knowledge and technology among the student population of basic and higher education, preferably in marginalized rural and urban areas.

Specific objectives

  • Disseminate the general principles, methods, results and importance of scientific practices, highlighting how throughout the history the knowledge is transformed into technological improvements, and these in turn modify and improve the mode and quality of life of the human.
  • Disseminate scientific knowledge content that is easily differentiated for each segment of the target population: pre-school, primary, secondary and high school, adapting them to the rural and urban environment.
  • To awaken in the children of pre-school and Primary School the concern for creativity, observation and experimentation as a means of obtaining knowledge, with practices according to their age characterized by a constant desire to know the world in which they develop.
  • Develop outreach activities and interactive workshops that promote interest among high school students in the different fields of Science and technology.
  • To carry out activities and disseminate to high school students information that motivates them to orient their interest in studying in scientific and technological specialties, at the same time expanding their vision and understanding of the fields of work for the different types of scientific practices.

Content to develop:

  • Cartoon printed about the evolution of the knowledge, inventions and technology as the science is linked and transformed with the technology to improve the life of human beings.
  • Selection of videos of science and technology in the dissemination of relevant topics such as energy, water, health, food, the planet, the information and communication technologies.
  • Identifying promotional videos that clearly account for how a scientific discovery prompted the emergence of diverse technologies that affected and modified daily life, such as electricity and cooling, computing and the internet.
  • Design, prepare and document scientific and/or technological practices and experiments for replication in open workshops.
  • Design posters and promotional materials that disseminate interest in science and technology and show their impact on the lives of human beings and the planet as a whole.
  • Design and produce a cartoon –cartoon – for the introduction to dissemination sessions with students of basic education. The content would demonstrate the history of scientific knowledge and inventions that have determined our living conditions.
  • Design and produce audiovisual and multimedia material to disseminate information capsules on science and technology issues by various means.

Each participating agency or unit will highlight a liaison and volunteer members to promote the programme and to facilitate the means to conduct the sessions and/or workshops provided for in the programme.

The fellows who will be responsible for carrying out activities that the volunteers cannot do and that are recognized by the participating institutions as fellows.

Planning and evaluation

Depending on the objectives of the programme and the breakdown of the activities to be carried out, it will be necessary to establish the goals, timetables and indicators that allow us to plan and evaluate the activities, considering their expected impact according to objectives and the coverage of the population by segments that have been identified as users of the programme.

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