Federal adjustments impact Science and technology in Querétaro

The restructuring of the federal government, both administrative and budgetary, has impacted the science and technology sector.

At the state level, various institutions have had to delay projects, mainly because the resources of the mixed Fund have not flowed, explained the director of the Council of Science and Technology of the state of Querétaro (Concyteq) Raúl Iturralde Olvera.

Among the bodies concerned are the Centre for engineering and Industrial Development (Cidesi), the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ) and the Juriquilla campus of the National Autonomous University of Querétaro (UNAM).

State science and technology agencies have noted delays in the allocation of mixed Fund resources.

“I would express my concern, a concern shared by all state science and technology agencies because we have already experienced some delays, especially in specific programmes such as the mixed fund,” he said.

The mixed funds are one of the two instruments that make up the budget program for regional development of scientific, technological and innovation capacities, which promotes scientific development at the state and municipal levels, through a trust that is made up of contributions from the state, municipal and federal governments.

In view of the delay in the allocation of resources, some institutions had to stop projects that were under development or the new projects had to be recalendarized.

Delays in appointments, he said, could be caused by the planning process in which the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) is still located.

“Then we believe that we cannot yet express a general opinion because Conacyt has not started, it has not started properly yet, it is perhaps still in a planning stage, all this we have shared in the national network of councils and state agencies of Science and technology ” he said.

Therefore, before the Conacyt have raised the concerns of the industry of science and technology of the entity.

According to the Center for Studies of Public Finances, of the Chamber of Deputies, on the budget for fiscal year 2018, an entity approved 139.5 million pesos for this area; and whereas the draft budget of the 2019 was set a bag of 138.9 million pesos: 137.1 were provided fellowships to graduate and of quality supports and 1.8 million for scientific research, development and research. These budgets relate to grant programmes and investment projects for the state.

However, in the words of the president of the Commission of Finance and Credit Public of the Chamber of Deputies, Patricia Terraces Baca, would not have approved resources for this branch in to entity.

Technology in Mexico against earthquakes

On September 5, 1910, the Tacubaya Central Station, Mexico’s first modern Seismological facility, was inaugurated with the operation of a Wiechert seismograph to make precise measurements of earthquakes in the country, phenomena that have shaken its territory for at least 13,000 years.

In 2017, the research of the causes and mitigation of the effects of the earthquakes has sophisticated to the rhythm of innovations, ranging from networks of encrypted communications to sensors that measure earthquakes within the buildings.

And in the future they could, with the will of the authorities, use the immense possibilities of big data, that is huge databases containing strategic information on basic infrastructure and services, availability of personnel, machinery and equipment, and routes and models for planning rapid and efficient aid.

The modern management of natural disasters involves several phases are relevant: the risk assessment and prevention, the relief response after the event, and the reconstruction, in accordance with the Hyogo Framework for Action, a document created by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) and to which Mexico acceded in the past decade.

This framework does not require the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), but the efficient attention of these events invariably passes through their use, according to Jesús Romo, an analyst at the consulting firm Telconomía, who, together with the Association of industry 5G Americas, published this fall a study entitled ICT during natural disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The impossibility to predict earthquakes is explained by the lack of information about what happens at the epicenter of such phenomena, says F. Ramón Zúñiga, a researcher at the Geoscience center of UNAM.

“Earthquakes that affect Mexico occur at depths of approximately 20 kilometers, so indirect mechanisms such as detection and analysis of the propagation of seismic waves are required,” he says.

For this reason, the precision of the instruments used to measure seismic phenomena is fundamental to knowing them and for this reason Mexican scientists develop appropriate technology to analyze the earthquakes that affect us.

Hear the sounds of the Earth

One of the most persistent factors in central and southern Mexico is the so-called Guerrero Gap, a trench that extends between Acapulco and Zihuatanejo.

In November, a group of researchers from UNAM and educational and development institutions in Japan installed a seismograph network consisting of 14 sensors on land and seven under the sea. According to Zúñiga, who does not participate in the Guerrero Gap project, this is the first time underwater seismographs have been used to measure the dynamics in the subsoil of the region.

“Sensors under the sea will be monitored with a sort of underwater glider that will regularly contact equipment to collect the data they generate,” he explains. But the data may also be useful during the tremor.

Nearly 300 miles of the coast of Guerrero, at the headquarters of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs in the centre of the City of Mexico, knew what happened during the earthquake of 19 September.

What the structure of the buildings says

The movement and type of vibration of a building during an earthquake is fundamental to deciding on its structural condition, as Juan Manuel Espinosa, director general of CIRES.

“This system has been installed in important buildings in Mexico City and consists of a network of accelerometers that are placed on key structures and connected via Ethernet data cable with one data center in the building and another outside.”

It has backup batteries, so if the electricity supply is suspended, the equipment can continue to operate for several more days.

During the earthquake, accelerometers measure the behavior of the structure by sending data as changes in shape and position. Such information serves to facilitate the identification of mitigation measures.

Technology transfer contract in mx

Concept of Contract of Transfer of Technology which provides the Legal Dictionary Mexican (1994), the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation: (written by Arturo Díaz Bravo) Technology, from the Greek techno, art, and logos, a treatise or description; in the language usual has come to denote, on the one hand, the set of knowledge of an art or craft, but also the flow rate of the means and procedures for the obtaining of a product that has been used in the trade or industry.

More about the meaning of Technology Transfer Contract

Under the technology transfer contract, knowledge and manufacturing processes (know-how) can be transmitted, but also manifestations of so-called industrial property (patents, trademarks, etc.) and even services (technical assistance, consultancy, business administration), all of this is provided for in Article 2 of the law on the Control and registration of the transfer of Technology and the use and exploitation of patents and Trademarks (Law on the Control and registration of the transfer of technologies and the use and exploitation of patents and trademarks), published in the Official Journal of 11 January 1982.

It turns out that this contract offers such a extensive range of possibilities which, in the current state of legal regulation, it becomes impossible for the elaboration of the concept of the covering; so, for example, in the field of industrial property may be the transmission full of the rights in a trademark or patent, but it is possible to only grant a license of exploitation. Therefore, any attempt of conceptualization is condemned, for now, to be branded as a partial or excessively formalistic; the spills of Hernández Esparza are partial, who defines him as the one “by which a party called transmisora de la tecnología or asistencia técnica, contributes knowledge and material elements of a technical nature and the other, recipient, gives in exchange a remuneration”, as well as by Alvarez Soberanis, in that it is” the agreement of wills through which one of the parties, called supplier, transmits to another that is called receiver a set of organized knowledge for industrial production”; the one proposed by Díaz Bravo is formalistic: “one party is obliged to transmit to the other the right to exploit one or more elements of industrial property, or to provide it with technical assistance or administrative operations.”

More Details

The abuses that, thanks to the freedom of contract and the autonomy of the will, were committed for many years in the celebration of these contracts, not only to the detriment of the receptors but also of the national economy, which suffered massive outflows of foreign exchange to the countries of residence of suppliers of technology, were the starter of the previous Law on the Registration of the Transfer of Technology and the Use and Exploitation of Patents and Trademarks, in force as of 1972, reproduced and extended the current, it has had as its common denominator the protection of the national economy and the restriction of abuses by suppliers. To this end, the law on the Control and registration of the transfer of technologies and the use and exploitation of patents and trademarks imposes, as a prerequisite for the necessary registration of contracts, the Prohibition of certain clauses – previously frequent – and the insertion of others. (1) the intervention of the supplier in the administration of the recipient (Article 15 (1))); (2) limitation on technological development or sales volumes by the recipient (sections III and IX); (3) indefinite confidentiality of the technology contracted (Section XI); (4) excessive royalties on the basis of the quality of the technology, or because the national economy or that of the acquirer is affected (section 16, Section II); (5) submission, in the event of a dispute, to the jurisdiction of foreign courts (Section 16, Section IV). (L) the liability of the supplier in the event of an infringement of the industrial property rights of third parties (Article 15 (XII)); (2) the guarantee by the supplier of the quality and results of the technology (Article 15 (XIII)). However, the Secretariat for trade and Industrial Development is empowered to authorize exceptions “on the basis of circumstances of benefit to the country ” (Article 17).)

With technology you fight the real huachicol

The theft of fuel reflected the vulnerability that there is a institution in front of a group of criminals who violate and steal from the State to extract the fuel and resell it; Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, has been responsive in front of new technologies to fight this crime… at least that we have the companies that operate the devices and that their contributions have proven effective in Mexico and in the world.

Pemex has been no stranger to this position, since 2004 he already saw this time bomb, but until 2016 he implemented a marking program, where he Verified, Certified and realized that out of a sample of 360 stations, in Jalisco, 148 had stolen fuel in their tanks.

This is only with one molecule they put in gasoline to realize who is playing illegally, along with other technologies, that would help take costly measures such as those we suffer today.

The favorites 2019

However, in this year of market uncertainty due to the country’s economic performance, with the new government, experts from the Financial Group See More stand out Mexico for having one of the most resilient economies in the world. According to stock analysts, among the favorite Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) stations to invest in 2019 are businesses that are not so exposed to the exchange rate, and that also present advantages against a depreciation of the peso. For example, Arca Continental, directed by Manuel Barragán; Cemex, commanded by Fernando A. González; and Angel Romanos’s real financial credit, the latter a company aims to bring credit to millions of people who are now neglected by traditional banking.

The Colussion

The case isn’t closed. The holder of the Public Function, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, takes aim at those who did the bidding processes, simulations, for example, pointed to the case of the premium of 15% that the Cofece found in the services of monitoring of mass media of communication in January of 2018, when sanctioned Media Specialists (MS), Delphi, and SVS, and five natural persons with penalties, which together amount to seven million 255 thousand 121 pesos, for committing absolute monopolistic practices in the market of the services of monitoring and tematised monitoring of information disseminated in the media.

The units that were affected with a damage of three million 114,865 pesos to the public treasury were: SEP, Conapred, CNBV, Economía, Presidencia, ASF, Profeco, FND, among others.

However, the Civil Service Secretariat has not prevented them from participating in new government procurement. In Banxico, for example, EM was hired at an overpriced 30 percent, although an internal investigation is already underway.

I have the security of the regime so I can distribute the aid in Venezuela.

In view of the difficulties in obtaining the necessary conditions for humanitarian aid to enter that country in recent months, Rocca confirmed in statements to ABC that it has the “security” of the regime of Nicolás Maduro that it will be able to carry out the distribution for the population in Venezuela. An aid that is expected to reach at least 650,000 people.

About the negotiations to enter this aid –the first to enter Venezuela that is neither Russian nor Chinese (a shipment from Beijing was expected yesterday)– he indicated that to reach this announcement there have been “months of discussions and meetings” with Venezuelan political and social Representatives that he did not want to specify. “That is the past and this is the result, which is what matters.”

Rocca stressed that the entry of humanitarian aid will be carried out with the Red Cross procedures, in a “neutral”, not “politicized” way, as in his opinion was the failed attempt to introduce food and medicine across the borders of Colombia and Brazil on 23 February.

The president of the International Federation of the Red Cross called for cooperation in the distribution of aid to other institutions, both inside and outside Venezuela, provided that they comply with the principles with which their organization works.

He said Red Cross professionals are now studying the needs and aid that will be distributed, although he warned that “this is not the solution to all Venezuela’s health problems.”

On the logistical problems that can be encountered, he indicated that the organization has “the best professionals” in this field.

Guaidó: “the struggle for the good of all bears fruit»

For his part, Juan Guaidó, president in charge of Venezuela, announced almost simultaneously the entry of this aid. “In the next few days or hours we will be receiving important medical support to contain this tragedy,” which will save some 300,000 seriously ill patients. He also pointed out that this is the result of “pressure and insistence. The struggle for the good of all bears fruit.”

In a video message posted on his Twitter account, he recalled that his team has held important meetings with representatives of the Organization of American States, the International Red Cross, and allied countries that recognize him as president-in-charge.

The Venezuelan Church has also wanted to join this initiative. Cardinal Barltazar Porras announced that he will provide the necessary collaboration to distribute the inputs.

Selections for the highlights of September 2019.

September is the beginning of the busiest season of the year, where the period from September to November is the largest collection of the most anticipated games of the year, whether sports or shooting and adventure games, and now is our date to learn on the most outstanding titles of the next weeks.

Final Fantasy VIII remastered

  • Reintroduction of the classic game of 1999, one of the most outstanding versions of the series throughout its history.
    The title offers additional options to customize game style elements and difficulty level.
    Players have the ability to gather all the skills and abilities and increase the speed of the game 3 times compared to the original version.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

  • The only additional content that came to the role-playing game that has sold 13 million copies in the last period.
  • Capcom describes the expansion as a complete game in terms of tasks, monsters and equipment offered to first-time players.
  • Half of the addition events take place in the frost range area, while the rest of the events address the different areas provided by the main game.
  • The addition provides a new G rating and Capcom has promised players to continuously support the expansion with more updates continuously as with the main game.
    A collaboration between Sony and Capcom allows players to play as the heroine of the Horizon Zero Dawn heroine.

NBA 2K20

  • The title has seen notable improvements in this segment in the movement system, camera, defensive tactics and collision with the ball.
    The MyCAREER mode offers a cinematic experience with the game star and a large number of actors such as Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson.
  • For the first time, the game features the WNBA League, which includes 14 teams and 140 players in Season and Play now modes for women’s basketball games.
  • In collaboration with Steve Stout and United Masters, the game’s soundtrack presents a variety of the best songs from known and new artists from around the world.

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

  • PES 2020 offers good dynamic dribbling skills, more realistic touch techniques and physical movement of the ball.
  • All the new skills offered by the title were developed in collaboration with the famous midfielder Andrés Iniesta.
  • First there is a team game mode entitled Match Day that allows new and old players to choose a specific aspect and then do everything possible to impose their control over the opponent.
  • Master League mode offers a completely different experience this year through a more realistic market for transitions, interactive debates that appear for the first time and a radical change in the menu design.

Gears 5

  • The Coalition Studio promises players great changes in the series that will take them to a whole new level in terms of individual and team play.
  • This time, the story focuses on Kate Diaz, who is separated from her team and is trying to explore her relationship with the enemy and see the real danger surrounding Sera.
  • Lovers of the cooperative game date with Escape mode, which supports up to 3 players, must cooperate together in high-risk battles to eliminate the enemy.
  • Players can explore Map Builder and design different maps to test their friends’ skills.
  • As usual, Horde focuses on building defenses, gathering different powers, developing his ability and using new skills to survive as long as possible.

Borderlands 3

  • The computer version is released exclusively through Epic Games for six months before being available through Steam.
  • Although the game is absent in the Steam store at launch, it supports the joint game with Epic Games after availability.
  • The Gearbox development team is proud to have a huge number of boss battles in this segment compared to previous versions.
  • The main story of the game offers tasks that last approximately 30 hours of continuous play.
  • The title has an exciting post-launch support plan that includes add-ons, weapons, tasks and events available for free to all players.


  • The famous EA soccer game is back in a new segment this year that includes new game patterns and changes for the first time.
  • Players can fully customize the career manager in Career mode with new female characters and new interactive dialogues.
  • The game witnesses the return of street football tournaments through the VOLTA mode that provides matches of 3 to 3, 4 to 4 and 5 to 5.
  • The ultimate mode offers more cyclic challenges that provide players with cash and player packages for longer periods of time.
  • Ultimate mode offers new customization options for fans and witnesses the emergence of a new set of game legends like Zinedine Zidat, Didier Drogba and Andrea Pirlo.

Code Vein

  • Bandai Namco’s role play has been announced for some time and has been postponed before coming this month.
  • The game is as difficult as the Souls games and does not allow players to determine the level of difficulty at the beginning of events.
  • The game takes place in a world where time has passed, not shortly, to be destroyed by a cause. Now, society and the modern world consist of neighboring lands.
  • The game features upgradable elements with a high degree of freedom, which allows you to develop your character in a way that matches your playing style.
  • There is a wide range of areas. Each region has certain enemies and characteristics. You should like the size of these areas, the editor said.
  • There is no concept of definitive death in the game. Even if this happens, you will return to the last point you saved.
  • Your goal as a Revenant creature is to stay. The more you fight, the closer you will be to discover the truth of this world.

Face-to-face comparison of PES 20 and FIFA 20, which one is better?

Almost the only aspect that Pace has surpassed FIFA in recent years have been graphic designs, particularly the representation of players. From my experience with the PES demonstration, I can be sure that the design of the players is actually closer to their appearance than their FIFA counterpart.

Game style – for FIFA.
Although Pace has not changed much and features have not been added, they have added Andrés Iniesta and Ronaldinho to execute some dribbling and rolling movements, Viva has developed in many ways, such as a new free throw system, penalties and a better defense style against minor improvements in favor of minor improvements. PES 2020.

License – for FIFA
Although this point does not even need to be discussed, it is okay to review some facts, FIFA licensed by FIFA, while Pace licensed by Merseyside Red, and why you may be interested in downloading an update to correct all team names once What does Pace decide to play? Or will you have to present Juventus yourself in FIFA? The fact is that, in terms of the thousands of teams and the millions of players you choose, FIFA is the best.

Develop career mode – for FIFA
Although both games have not been very successful in this area, FIFA in general is better, as it gives you many options to start the business in the game, and other features such as press conferences and interaction with your team to boost morale and others, generally Pace also has these interactive dialogues and develops his personality since This is a point to tell, but in general FIFA is better.

Develop online – for FIFA
We do not deny that Pace has many online gaming systems, but he has no chance of facing FIFA in this, especially because FUT in FIFA will not match any other online mode, and although Pace is preparing to launch the new Day, You cannot steal from fans who flock to buy the new set. Rare players can strengthen their team, and the launch of Volta Football will help FIFA.

The best in general – FIFA
After reading this article, you should have the impression that FIFA is better, true, but the difference between them is less than you think.

Finally … the two games will be released this month and you decide to buy them together or buy one that you consider the best, in the end it depends on your decision and your personal opinion. It remains to be said that eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 will launch on September 10 and FIFA 20 will launch on September 27.

The best mobile games currently available

There are many mobile games that we listen to daily, and they become so great that we don’t know which ones are good and which ones we might like. In this article, we will gather the best mobile games that currently exist, according to our experience.

We hope you like our selection, and can share your suggestions in the comments.

Sputnik eyes
In this game, you move the shapes to the right places according to specific paths, and as you progress through the stages it will become more difficult and you will have to think about a lot of steps forward and what exactly you will move in the next few times. before removing any form from its place. The game levels are currently divided into 60 stages and the developer is working to add new stages continuously.

Badland 2
It is one of the best jumping platforms available, characterized by great art, distinctive sound, and is the majority of games in terms of the ability to entertain the player, and the game developer Frogmind promised to complete the game and update it, without No impact on your players at any time, It seems that you could do this by updating the game in a distinctive way, and now launched the version of the game for iOS, through the “App Store” to run on iPhone and iPad.

Bandland 2 is a continuation of the original game in which you find yourself in a beautiful forest full of life and different beings, but one day it seems that something has happened. Then, one of the beings embarks on an adventure controlled by you to explore what is happening, adding a lot of new tricks and the way in which the game tries to continue flying with the attempt to continue surviving, taking into account that the The player needs to fulfill his tasks permanently escaping the obstacles that prevent his flight and can take his life. And this is omitting the huge gears, lasers and frightening tree branches, and in the atmosphere of darkness and audio effects that give the player an atmosphere of fun emotion, the law of the game in the case of cooperation with Friends, the modification of the multiplayer system of the player and one is to keep fit.

Retro City Shatter
An open-world game released several years ago in previous appliances, a game similar to 8-bit GTA, but in the 1980s it is also similar to the films Back to the Future in terms of history. What distinguishes the game is the following:

  • More than 60 stages
  • More than 40 challenges
  • More than 25 weapons
  • More than 50 cars with modifications.

Drilling club
The game is based on an interesting story and many events and strategic planning to optimize the use of resources. The story of the daily life of a man without money has to help him get everything he needs. The story begins with an innocent child and his father, where the father receives a deadly bullet from the unknown in view of his son.

The game begins in your simple and humble home with your cat, aquarium and some old furniture. You find the hero of the game who is now asleep on a normal sofa since he does not have a comfortable bed due to his poor physical condition that you should look for to improve.

The game has a hidden depth behind so many features, tools and things you should always keep in mind. At first you will notice four indicators, each indicating something specific: health (health), food (food), mood (mood) and energy (energy). Each of these situations has a direct relationship with almost everything. Health affects your general condition, while the food indicator indicates your need for food and how hungry you are from any activity, training or even sleep. For example, your mood affects the interest rate of your exercise. Finally, energy plays a fundamental role in work, training and many other articular things.

Rayman Adventures
It is one of the classic games with which we have grown since the first generations of players.

In the game you will be the hero Rayman, you have to go on adventures to the legendary worlds to fight and save characters called Incrediballs. The incrediballs are eggs that you save on your adventures, but you need some time to grow from their eggs and each offspring is important in some of the tasks

The levels are divided into adventures, since each adventure contains a set of levels that you must overcome by achieving the most points by eliminating evil creatures and collecting golden points that also help you obtain more smaller creatures that help you complete missions.

The game is simple, as you slide your finger on the screen to eliminate everything that hinders your path and press anywhere on the screen to jump, and the good thing here is that you can choose between the character of Rayman or Barbara, since each one has different characteristics, and with you the more points and prizes you can improve, the characters you play with.

The 8 main answers about the Call of Duty game for mobile phones.

Players expect the launch of Call of Duty mobile phones on IOS and Android systems, which is very good news for its users.

Call of Duty for smartphones?
It is a game that was announced in March of this year, by the Activision company, at this time, all the patterns announced for the game were multiplayer modes, that is, player to player, but the developer stated that there will be additional patterns in the future close to the game and will be announced. About them later.

When will the game be released?
In fact, the launch of the beta version (or the version offered to a small group of players to test and evaluate the game before its launch) is underway in India, Canada and Australia with the possibility of implementation in other regions, but It won’t be long until we get the official and complete version. For the game, according to the editor’s statement when the game was announced, it was supposed to be released this summer, but it looks like we’ll only wait a few more months.

How much will the game cost you?
The developer says that players can get the game completely free either through the points you earn in the game or what’s called Credits that will raise you to the highest stages, or you can use the game support points you buy With an owner. You can use these Credits to buy additions and modifications to your weapons. You can also access the things you want to buy as you go through the stages, or you can skip some of those stages with the points you buy with your money. A free version called Battle Pass and Premium Battle Pass will also be available.

What will be the mobile version of Battle Royale?
The company has revealed some of the characteristics of the launch, the first is the possibility of the presence of 100 players on the map, and has the option of deciding whether to play alone, in a team of two or four people, and can revive players from the same team. There are several characters to choose from before starting: guns, mechanics, scouts, clowns, doctors and finally ninjas. In addition to the presence of vehicles that you can drive to help you survive, which include: ATV, SUV, buoy and light helicopter. What distinguishes this version from other multiplayer versions is that you can play using the third-person perspective, or the first person, as long as the mode chosen is for all players and not yours.

What modes will be available in the game?
For the first announced style of the game, it is the popular style, multiplayer mode. You will have the option to determine how to play the game or game, according to the players who want to play against them as follows: either normal or subject to classification or announced for this style Khas.alone so far are:
Free for Trade shows all, the first line, Hardpoint, domination and, of course, Team Deathmatch.
Each mode will include two competing teams, each with a maximum of five players, with the exception of Free-For-All, which will include eight and each player fighting for himself. Another Battle Royale is expected.

What maps will be available in the game?
The game will provide players with some of the most popular maps the public likes in the Call of Duty series

  • Crash of Modern Warfare, Kidnapped from Black Ops 2.
    -Also of the Modern Warfare series you will find Crossfire and Killhouse.
  • In Black Ops 4 you will find the modified shooting range and finally the confrontation of Balck Ops2.
  • On May 16, seven additional maps will be announced, and their game map will be a combination of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series.
    What characters are available in the game?
    There will be many characters from previous versions of Call of Duty with the ability to customize clothes and other details, here are some examples:

-McTavish, Simon “Ghost” Riley or JohnPrice.

  • From Modern Warfare you will find John “Soap”.
  • Alex Mason and David “Section” Mason of the Black Opus series.

Will Scorestreaks and Loadouts be available for the game?
The answer is yes, it will be available. For starters, what is a scorecrest? Add-ons are available to players who can add their characters before starting to play, and three are allowed. The so-called Loadouts, which will allow the player to choose five of them, each with a maximum of two weapons, there will be a list of Ludwitz before the battle to choose which weapons you want for your character, keep in mind that weapons can change the shape or Some of its features. You can carry a weapon, a secondary weapon, a grenade, a new appearance of your weapon or a ‘house of weapons’, as well as features that you can add to your character other than weapons.

The Best Laptops 2019: Buy The Best Laptop For Players

The purchase of a laptop, is a decision that should be taken lightly, there are many aspects that should be considered as: the graphics card, storage capacity should be appropriate aspects, so focus a little on the selection of capabilities of the computer and know the basic criteria to choose the appropriate hardware pieces to meet all your needs, in the following article a list of the best laptops of 2019 is explored, highlighting the main aspects to consider to make the best decision.

According to experts, the graphic tarejta is the most important piece in the current purchase of the laptop because it is difficult to change it later and, of course, relying on an adapter to run an external graphics card on the laptop costs a lot and does not provide The same performance for sure. You are investing your money in a graphics card that supports future technologies that not only buy a laptop with a purpose.

We choose the best laptops for 2019 based on graphics cards that support the latest technologies that allow you to run all the heavy programs that help in your work and expansion, in addition to admitting that these devices play video games at the highest resolution with a speed Fast FPS frame that gives you the perfect experience at a very convenient price for all categories.

Selection criteria for laptops

  • Modern graphics card: which supports popular software and games in terms of future technological support and is the key factor that is worth investing your money when buying a new laptop.
  • Support for modern synchronization technologies: G-Sync synchronization support is available within the graphics card software and offers powerful performance with modern game monitors that support this function, allowing smooth frames and faster synchronization.
  • Laptop design: you may be a fan of having a thin laptop, which is rarely found on the market in the gaming laptop where graphics cards need more space design, but it is distinguished that there are currently PCs for thin games containing Nvidia cards Geforce Max-Q thin design, which offers robust and slim design performance. (The same design is used with the new GTX16 and RTX cards).
  • Processor capacity: you need a powerful processor of more than four cores of the latest generation of the latest version of the general, which is available automatically, especially with the choice of a laptop with Nvidia GTX or RTX cards where you will get at least one new Core i9 processor next to a powerful graphics card.
  • RAM: almost statically, most laptops emit 8 GB of expandable RAM if you want to increase it to your liking and is compatible with most devices.

TUF Gaming FX505DT
The ASUS TUF Gaming gaming laptop comes with a 15.6-inch GeForce GTX 1650 DDR5 graphics card loaded with an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H processor with two cooling fans, dust and dust-proof technology. 1 TB to store other files.

It has powerful games through the GTX 1650 graphics card with all the tasks you need in a student laptop. Most notable is the offer of TUF Gaming FX505DT for only 3200 SAR instead of 3800 for very strong studio and game performance.

HP Pavilion 15-dk0012nx laptop
The Pavilion 15-dk0012nx features a modern design and a 15.6-inch IPS 1080p screen that can be adjusted to fit the right view. It is powered by a GTX 1650 4GB DDR5 graphics card with 9th generation Intel i7-9750H processor and DDR4 RAM 8GB with enough SSD128GB storage. Excellent software speeds in addition to the standard 1TB HDD storage space.

MSI PS63 Modern Laptop
The MSI PS63 comes with the most popular 4GB GTX 1650 graphics card with the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8565U processor, 512GB SSD storage space and 15.6-inch IPS FHD-LED anti-glare display with 4-cell battery. Available in 4700 instead of SR 5999.
Lenovo Legion Y540
Now, the budget increases a bit with the powerful gaming performance with the Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop, which comes loaded with a 6GB NVIDIA GTX 1660ti card that offers each player what they need to run the most powerful games and is compatible With the support for VR glasses and the new lightning tracking technology. It comes with a 256 GB M.2 SSD card for faster file upload and a 3 cell battery.

MSI GP75 Leopard 9SD laptop
Supports your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660ti 6GB graphics card for the best FPS frame rate with RTX On technology enabled with compatible games. It also comes with a distinctive player design with a larger screen size of 17.3 inches provided by the MSI GP75 Leopard 9SD laptop, a gaming laptop more dedicated to each player looking for a stronger 6-cell battery to support A long playing time. It comes with a 256GB NVMe M.2 storage card and 1TB HDD.

ASUS ROG Strix G731 laptop
ASUS always has its own version when it comes to gaming laptops, where it presents a wonderful design for the player class with a modern keyboard and, of course, not to forget the powerful hardware, since it comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660ti 6GB . Intel Core i7-9750H processor. The ASUS ROG Strix G731 is available with a 17.3-inch RAM and 16 GB with 256 GB SSD storage + 1 TB hard drive. It works with a 4 cell battery and you can buy it for 6600 SR.

Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop
The Lenovo Legion Y540 is available for SAR 5800, a price that allows you to get the latest 6GB GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card with amazing performance that supports the latest gaming technology (hardware / software). This may be at the expense of the screen size (15.6 inches) in addition to the 8th generation Core i7-8750H processor and not the ninth, but there is not much difference here in the performance you will feel, but you will be happy to invest your Money on the graphics card for the future!

The Legion Y540 RTX comes with a 2TB 512SSD + HDD storage space, additional features for all players looking for the best gaming laptop 2019 for powerful performance and additional features to support future games.

HP Omen 15-dc1000nx laptop
The Omen-dc1000nx laptop comes with a 15.6-inch screen design and almost the same capabilities as Lenovo Legion with a 6GB RTX 2060 graphics card to run the most powerful high-resolution games compatible with an i7-8750H processor and 16GB of RAM with a 256GB NVMe M.2 storage card and a 4-cell battery. Same price 5800 SR.