“More technology” the best program of technological intervention in education in the world!

On January 10, 2017, the World Bank published a “Concept Note” report from the World Development Report “World Development Report 2018” that this time and for the first time analyzed education. Education is undoubtedly a powerful driver of individual well-being and growth in a country. At present, the future is knowledge, and countries have identified various ways of achieving it, but one of the main axes is education whose objective must be the development of skills, capacities, skills and competences that will enable us to meet the current technical, political and social challenges, therefore it is of vital importance to promote successful interventions to promote learning and improve the quality of Education.

The report evaluates 111 programs and proposes the identification of several topics, one of which evaluates promising approaches to improving learning, in the analysis of such indicator highlighted the inclusion of tests and innovations related to improving learning and skills. It is therefore verified that systems can improve learning based on evidence and intervention in four key areas:

It is here where we talk about the focused interventions in the classroom, including interventions with security which can be promising, but a large percentage of the technological interventions fail before they reach the classroom, suggesting that the focus should be on technologies that are truly implementable in current systems. The approaches that have worked in many scenarios are those that complement teachers, and that are enabled by teachers who can take advantage of technology.

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