Labor will pay 42 million euros to use IBM programs

In accordance with the Law of Contracts of the Public Administrations, the Council of Ministers has authorized the director of the General Treasury of the Social Security contract with IBM this service. The maximum recruitment budget is EUR 42.6 million, including VAT, distributed in three annuities for the financial years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Another contract worth 19.8 million that the ministry of Labour will bring to the competition is to put in place the necessary infrastructure to provide data link to the twenty-six buildings dependent of the central services located in Madrid, who now has a corporate network of broadband technology, as well as the seats of provincial level and departments of labour with headquarters in different countries. In addition, internal communications at both the national and international levels of all labour-dependent agencies will be promoted, which will be of particular benefit to the Inspectorate.

In addition, the necessary resources will be made available for the transmission of the voice among all the centres of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as if they were extensions of the same centre, the corporate mobile service will be expanded and the remote connection to the Department’s network will be made available to the staff of the department in need of such connection.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will bring to public competition a contract for telecommunications services for the creation of a Corporate Network, multiservice voice and data, for a total amount of € 19.8 million for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007. In addition, last Friday this department received the government’s authorization to award IBM, through a negotiated procedure without publicity, a contract of 42.6 million euros for the rental of its programs.

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