Top Trainers Share How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

It is long proven that research shows cardio done over a long period is less efficient. This is because it down-regulates the activity of the thyroid. So let go of the old believe that cardio is the only way to lose stubborn fat. It is more important to burn more calories. This will cause a hormonal shift and that will decide the amount of calories burnt.

Choose foods that have high amounts of micronutrients. These are phytonutrients, minerals, and enzymes. These nutrients will aid the hormonal signals within the body. They work directly on leptin sensitivity, detoxing, and thyroid function to name a few. Before long, there will be fewer calories being consumed but much more nutrition. Many actually find success employing this tactic along with a regular stomach wrap.

When it comes to weight loss, the simpler you make it, the easier it will be to achieve your goals. That is why if you start to walk more, and combine this with a healthy eating plan, you will be well on your way to burning off those unwanted pounds.

In this surgery, the surgeon reduces the size of the stomach into a small “pouch”. Because the size of your stomach has become small, you consequently eat less. Your (now) smaller stomach will not be able to hold a lot of food anyway. When you eat, the food goes to the pouch, bypassing the rest of the stomach and the proceeding to the small intestines. The RYGB can be done through a laparoscopic procedure wherein several small incisions are made using a camera so that the surgeon can view your internals. A mini-gastric bypass can also be performed by your surgeon, also done through a laparoscope.

Insulin can be one worst enemy or their best friend. Managing insulin involves eating foods that are lower on the glycemic index, and mixing them with those that are lower to lessen the impact on the body. Many diets preach giving up the sweet and starchy foods and that is no good. A person just needs to know when to eat them to make fat loss.

You will see that your fitness level will start improving after a few weeks. This is a good sign that it is time to raise the intensity of your walks. This means walking a little faster, or walking a little further. You can burn up to 280 calories in one hour of brisk walking. To step up the intensity you can carry hand or ankle weights whilst walking. This gives you an upper body workout while your respiratory and circulatory systems benefit.

These are just a few of the methods to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Stomach wraps are very successful when combined with these methods. Stomach wraps can work alone, but its best to have an overall health plan and also lower stress, and get enough sleep. Before one knows it they will be enjoying that flat belly at the beach or pool with full control of their nutritional health.

Healthy diet and exercise are not the only ways to lose around the middle. Belly fat plagues many an adult who is trying to get in shape and lose those love handles and spare tire around their midsection. Here are some steps to take to tame that area. Many also try stomach wraps as a great addition.

Why Your Pet’s Food Bowl Could Be Making You Sick

But never even say nutrition if you are excluding salt in your diet. This is because our body requires adequate amounts of minerals and salt for peak performance and good health. Actually, low salt content in our body causes a lot of malfunctions including increase in insulin levels which is reliably associated with diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovaries and cancer.

Due to lack of basic minerals, refined salt causes adrenal and thyroid problems. These glands play very important functions in the body. Through the secretion of hormones, they maintain muscle strength, proper energy levels, blood sugar and blood pressure. Not only this, refined salt causes constipation and the clogging of the colon by metabolic and toxic wastes. Refined salt causes raised blood pressure through retention of sodium laden water in body cells. While a neutral or slightly alkaline body pH is required for peak functioning of our body and well being of immune system, refined table salt produces acidic pH that weakens immune system and trigger the many degenerative diseases already listed. We now understand why healthcare professionals advise their patients to shun or reduce salt intake. We now know which type of salt they mean – refined salt. Unrefined sea salt is what we need.

That is easy if you are able to fetch water from the sea. It is very salty and all you have to do is put it in a freezer in an open container but do not let it freeze. Get it out just below ice point, about 5 degrees centigrade will be fine. At this lower temperature the solubility of the salt is lower and crystals of sea salt settles for you. Filter out the salt and repeat the process until you have had enough. Then wash your salt with clean water and dry it in a warm oven.

About two-thirds of hypertensive patients have low unrefined salt in their body. A study by Dr. John H. Largh, MD and Dr. Mark S. Pecker, MD at Hypertensive Centre at Cornel Medical centre, USA revealed that high blood pressure does not depend only on salt intake but also in an overactive hormone system. Researchers say that when this system is overactive, renin, (which is a protein-digesting enzyme released by the kidneys acting to raise blood pressure) levels are excessively high. This indicates a physiological need for unrefined salt. Conversely, the study shows that low renin occurs in about one-third of hypertensive people, showing excess of refined salt.

All the sins of refined salt, as we will list out, stem from the fact that it is composed of 99 per cent toxic sodium and chlorine and the remaining 1 per cent are trace elements and very toxic additives such as iodine, fluoride and aluminum, while basic minerals are lacking. Refined salt is a deadly toxin in our body and is recognized as such by body immune system which constantly put up fierce battle to eliminate it and in doing so is itself weakened considerably. This is one way our body immune system is weakened. Not only this, refined salt is known to cause many degenerative diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, stroke, hypertension, kidney diseases, and more.

“More technology” the best program of technological intervention in education in the world!

On January 10, 2017, the World Bank published a “Concept Note” report from the World Development Report “World Development Report 2018” that this time and for the first time analyzed education. Education is undoubtedly a powerful driver of individual well-being and growth in a country. At present, the future is knowledge, and countries have identified various ways of achieving it, but one of the main axes is education whose objective must be the development of skills, capacities, skills and competences that will enable us to meet the current technical, political and social challenges, therefore it is of vital importance to promote successful interventions to promote learning and improve the quality of Education.

The report evaluates 111 programs and proposes the identification of several topics, one of which evaluates promising approaches to improving learning, in the analysis of such indicator highlighted the inclusion of tests and innovations related to improving learning and skills. It is therefore verified that systems can improve learning based on evidence and intervention in four key areas:

It is here where we talk about the focused interventions in the classroom, including interventions with security which can be promising, but a large percentage of the technological interventions fail before they reach the classroom, suggesting that the focus should be on technologies that are truly implementable in current systems. The approaches that have worked in many scenarios are those that complement teachers, and that are enabled by teachers who can take advantage of technology.

Program to teach Tableau in a day

I recently had the honour of teaching something that I am passionate about (data visualization) in the International Master’s programme in Business Administration (MBA) at the EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. Amadeus sent me, the company where I work. Amadeus is the leading provider of IT solutions for the tourism sector and the world’s largest travel booking processor.

Since they are institutions with similar objectives, EDHEC and Amadeus collaborate frequently. For several years, the participants of the International MBA of the EDHEC offered consulting services to Amadeus for two months. During that period, they provided valuable information on certain projects. In addition to receiving employees in practices of the EDHEC, Amadeus hires graduates from the MBA program, which is among the 25 best in the world according to The Economist.

First step

In my class, best practices for data visualization were studied and Tableau exercises were performed. These methods highlight the following three concepts of data visualization:

  • Start with a question you want to answer or a hypothesis you want to test. As Alberto Cairo says in his book, The Functional Art: “a good infographic is as functional as a hammer”.
  • Keep the simplicity, but not bored. While many concepts related to best practices for visual analysis need to be considered, do not forget the following: do not abuse colors or fonts. (I try not to use more than two). Play with the tones of the same color and the styles of the same font.
  • Choose the right graph. You can use the renowned Andrew Abela diagram to select a suitable chart type. But remember that circular graphics and area graphics should be used with caution. You can also see the graphic perception report produced by William Cleveland and Robert McGill in 1984. This will allow you to know the most precise graphics, the basic 2D and the ones that allow you to make more generic comparisons, such as Area graphics and graphics with different shades of colors.

Uber promises to stop using program to evade cops on routes

The transport service of passengers via smart phones had acknowledged last week that used the computer program “Greyball” to keep drivers away from trouble, including sting operations designed to catch drivers offenders.

“We have initiated a review of the different ways in which this technology has been used until now,” said the chief of security of Uber, Joe Sullivan, in a statement in the line entitled “Update on greyballing.’

“In addition, we are expressly prohibiting its use in the face of future action by local regulators,” he added.

He explained that due to the way Uber systems are configured, “it will take some time to get this ban fully implemented.”

According to Uber, this tool was used in cities where it was not prohibited and the main objective was to protect drivers from discomfort from competitors who use this smartphone app to interfere with the service rather than request actual travel.

Labor will pay 42 million euros to use IBM programs

In accordance with the Law of Contracts of the Public Administrations, the Council of Ministers has authorized the director of the General Treasury of the Social Security contract with IBM this service. The maximum recruitment budget is EUR 42.6 million, including VAT, distributed in three annuities for the financial years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Another contract worth 19.8 million that the ministry of Labour will bring to the competition is to put in place the necessary infrastructure to provide data link to the twenty-six buildings dependent of the central services located in Madrid, who now has a corporate network of broadband technology, as well as the seats of provincial level and departments of labour with headquarters in different countries. In addition, internal communications at both the national and international levels of all labour-dependent agencies will be promoted, which will be of particular benefit to the Inspectorate.

In addition, the necessary resources will be made available for the transmission of the voice among all the centres of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as if they were extensions of the same centre, the corporate mobile service will be expanded and the remote connection to the Department’s network will be made available to the staff of the department in need of such connection.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will bring to public competition a contract for telecommunications services for the creation of a Corporate Network, multiservice voice and data, for a total amount of € 19.8 million for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007. In addition, last Friday this department received the government’s authorization to award IBM, through a negotiated procedure without publicity, a contract of 42.6 million euros for the rental of its programs.

Benefits of ERP

The advantages that ERP software offers to companies are immense. Here are some of the benefits of ERP solutions to help you make the best decision for your business

Benefits of implementing an ERP system

Among the advantages that ERP offers companies:

  • Optimization of management processes (economic and financial flows)
  • Consistency and homogeneity of information (a single article file, a single client file, etc.)
  • Integrity and uniqueness of the information system
  • Shared use of the same information system that facilitates internal and external communication
  • Minimising information management costs
  • Globalization of training (same logic, same ergonomics))
  • Increased productivity
  • Control of costs, implementation time and implementation

ERP and mobility: manage your business from anywhere

Today, more and more companies are promoting remote work, whether by their own activity or by their business culture. To maintain productivity and collaboration, it is necessary to have ERP solutions that allow employees to connect, consult, edit and share information from anywhere and mobile device.

ERP for any company size

Whether you are an SME looking to implement a management solution for the first time or a large company that needs to expand its operations, ERP software is vital to achieving business success and being competitive in a market like today. The important thing is to analyze what needs your business has in order to be able to choose the solution that best answers can give them.

The reason Microsoft discontinued Visual Basic

It was a story that sounded perfect. Microsoft had perhaps the largest community of developers in the world hooked on a language that was in turn hooked on Windows. Still, Microsoft took this priceless asset and apparently threw it aside. Back in 2002 he announced that language would be replaced by something new, different and incompatible. And from that day until today that fact has caused a constant noise. Many Visual Basic developers reacted with feelings ranging from frustration to resentment. Many felt even betrayed. Now comes the explanation.

The Windows API

First is the theme of the Windows API. It is the low-level programming interface on Windows, as explained in the manuals as the classic author Charles Petzol: Programming Windows. It is mainly a interface C. All tool Windows programming compiled code that makes calls to the Windows API.

COM, the Component Object Model

Secondly, there is COM, The acronym for Component Object Model. , What is COM? It is essentially a mechanism for linking and uniting software components. It’s a binary standard, so it works with code compiled in runtime. Actually COM is a family of technologies. One of them is the ActiveX controls found both in Internet Explorer and Visual Basic. There is also COM automation, which is used in Microsoft Office and others to control one application from another. A third COM standard is OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), which is used when you insert an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document.

The framework .NET

The environment .NET is the replacement for Microsoft for COM. We all know the logic behind it .NET: it’s a little out of date, but in general it’s very useful. COM was replaced because it failed. It is a binary standard with a high coupling, making it weak for web applications. It is highly complex, which was one of the main reasons many developers were moving from Visual Basic to Java. He also had version problems, causing software failures. In contrast,.NET has a low coupling architecture, ideal for internet and mobile applications. It has also been designed to facilitate development and has many security and version functions that were not easy to implement in COM.

It is difficult to underestimate what that actually implies the change of Microsoft of COM .NET. I think that we must assume that the company is not what I would have done if I would have had a better alternative. If the policy of the industry had allowed, could have changed to JAVA instead of to .NET but the move away from COM was necessary for the Microsoft platform to continue to remain viable.

Today, with the family of technologies called Indigo, the scope of this measure becomes more apparent. Indigo subsites to COM+, The com base transaction server that is key in distributed business applications running on Windows. Indigo is also the new standard for web services XML, MSMQ (message queuing or message queue), transaction and remote object management, and even process-to-process communications. Indigo is built in the second version of the framework .NET.

Visual Basic obtains the skills of its COM components. In fact, Visual Basic was made using COM. It is not just a good customer or COM server; it is a COM product. Visual Basic object orientation is the type of COM object, and therefore does not make inheritances (COM is based on interfaces). Create a class module in VB6, and look at its instance property. Prfeieres PublicNotCreatable or GlobalSingleUse? These strange terms are COM characteristics. In other words, the technology on which Visual Basic was made was the technology that .NET was replacing. No easy way could be to adapt VB to become a language .NET.

Clearly Microsoft had to implement a new Visual Basic. However, he made the only feasible decision from my point of view. The company created a completely new product, making it compatible with VB6 only in those aspects that could be done without damaging the new language. In one or two cases he maintained broken functions in VB6 for the sake of compatibility (the strange case of arrays dimensioning comes to mind), but in general he did everything from scratch. The new product solved many of the problems encountered in VB6. I load the majority of the anomalies, supports the object-oriented, totally, eliminates the dependency on a single development environment (VB.NET it has a compiler command line) and generally eliminates the walls and the obstacles, equating to VB with any other language .NET.

Sound equipment measurement and adjustment programmes

At present there is no medium or large event that does not include the use of acoustic measurement programs for the correct adjustment of the P. A. system.we are talking about programs because, apart from the case of the specific hardware SIM3 that we will talk about on another occasion as it deserves separate mention, what all technicians use today to make the adjustment of their equipment are Analysis programs that work on PC or MAC.

Needless to say that with a small portable computer and those programs can leave a complex system of diffusion. The question a server asks to sound technicians and students is:

Did the concerts sound bad?

The answer is no, because the concerts sounded very well, in most cases, in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s-it’s true! But if we compare that equipment that sounded good and unadjusted and the same once adjusted, the latter will sound much better to us. We already know that the ear works by comparison and only then can you decide if one sounds better than the other, it would be very difficult to have an auditory memory with a buffer so big that after days, weeks or months we could have an opinion about one team heard in the present moment and another heard in the past.


The computer, obviously for practical reasons, preferably portable. In principle it does not have to be the most powerful in the market either. The sound card or interface, in terms of its connectivity to the computer, can be realized in the way we advance later. Although, for practical reasons, we prefer a card with two inputs and two outputs via USB.

The inputs must be at least one of them in XLR format to connect the measuring microphone and, in addition to its corresponding phantom power supply, the second input can be XLR or jack, preferably online, must have their respective gain potentiometers; it would also be advisable to have two line audio outputs.


It is curious to note that more and more programs of this kind are being developed for MAC, why is it? Even SMAART LIVE, a program traditionally work in Windows! Will it have to look at the turn the Apple brand is taking with the compatibility of its new MacIntel computers, capable of running any operating system on the market from Mac OSX to Windows XP, through Linux, among others, with impressive stability? Time will tell.

As for the acoustic prediction programs detailed in previous issues, in the software we are dealing with we will detail the main features of all the programs, focusing on the operation of the most popular to date, SMAART LIVE.

Conviction of more than $ 400,000 to two companies for using unlicensed software

This is one of the largest damages imposed to date in Spain on a company for the installation and reproduction of computer programs infringing the intellectual property rights of the authors of the software.

The process began in 2015 on the basis of information received about the possible infringement through the BSA complaints website, and following the lawsuit filed in the courts of Alicante. The commercial court number 2 took over the case and ordered a register of the facilities of the companies Vicedo Marti and Enfavi, with headquarters in the town of alicante Ibi and dedicated to the design and manufacturing of parts and products through plastic injection. As a result of the judicial and expert inspection carried out on several computers, the unauthorized installation of programmes was found.

At the conclusion of the trial, the court has agreed to the plaintiff on each and every point argued by BSA’s lawyers, in accordance with the provisions of the law on Intellectual Property.

This involves the payment of a compensation of 453.480 euros in damages, a sum corresponding to the market value of the unlicensed software detected, to which the companies will have to add the legal interest in that have been incurred since the filing of the demand, and the payment of court costs, in total, more than € 500,000.

The requested companies must also destroy copies of the illegal software found on their equipment and cease their use, unless they acquire new legal versions of this advanced program for industrial design and manufacturing process management.

According to Carlos Pérez, partner in charge of the IT Area, Risk & Compliance of the firmal legal Ecija, “this ruling is an example of the serious legal risks faced by companies that use software for their benefit without acquiring the rights of the software through the corresponding agreement with the manufacturer. In addition to being an act of clear unfair competition, it is an infringement which, as we see, can have very important economic and operational consequences.”

BSA The Software Alliance, the entity that brings together the major software companies, have been informed of the resolution adopted by the commercial court number 2 of Alicante, by which the conviction of two companies to pay more than 453.000 euros in damages for the reproduction of programs of software without license.