Acute flaccid myelitis: A mystery disease

This haul means pearly whites for a long, long time—for Melissa and all her friends—for just 16 cents. Penny Finder helps you find items that cost a penny at DG, and even lets you scan the item to ensure it’ll ring up for a penny when you get to the register. The app’s $1.99 price is worthwhile, she said.Couponing is a lot about the thrill of the hunt, my niece said, but it’s also about being able to do good with what you get. For instance, she and her mom cleaned up on diapers and plan to give them to a friend who’s expecting a baby. Other items are destined for shelters and food pantries, which always need household and toiletry staples.

“This pose will engage your entire body from your feet to your hands,” says Hoffman. “It will help to lengthen out your side body to encourage a tall spine and strong posture.” Start in downward facing dog—support your body with your hands and feet, hips stretching toward the ceiling. “Step your left foot forward in between your hands and spin your right foot flat between 60-90 degree angle. Reach your hands straight up toward the ceiling. Square off your hips by drawing your left hip back and right hip forward. From the centerline of your body, sink your hips forward and slightly down to stack your left knee right over the ankle.” Reach your arms and gaze upward to the ceiling.

Part of doing good with your wins is ethical couponing, Melissa told me, such as not “glittering.” (It’s a fanciful term for exploiting coupon glitches and is actually a type of fraud.) It also means being courteous to the store personnel, even if the great deal you had planned doesn’t quite work out. Follow the rules and have fun, and brush up on these 40 smart ways to save at the supermarket.

Yoga instructor Molly Rose Hoffman with Lyons Den Power Yoga has outlined five yoga-based strength moves to improve posture. Plan to hold each position for 30 seconds to start; work your way up to a minute. For best results, do the moves daily.Hoffman loves the side plank when it comes to building good posture because it strengthens all the muscles of your core simultaneously. In fact, planks are often singled out as one of the best core exercises—here are some ways to get even more from your planks. Support your self in a plank, then shift your weight on to your right hand, place your right foot on its side and stack your left foot on top of it. Now, open your chest and extend your left arm toward the ceiling. (Beginners: To make this move easier, support yourself on your right forearm.) “Create one long line of energy from your bottom hand up to your top hand by stacking your bottom shoulder over your wrist and reaching your top hand straight up,” says Hoffman. “Keep your head in line with your spine to create a long and tall spine.”

This move strengthens the abdominals, quads, and rhomboids, all of which are key to keeping your shoulders back. “Start in a high plank and shift forward on to your toes and angle your shoulders slightly in front of your wrists. Stay on your toes and press your heels toward the back of your mat to engage your quads and lower abdominals. Reach your chest forward, and keep your gaze set slightly out in front of your mat,” says Hoffman. Lower until your elbows are parallel with your sides (or higher, if that’s easier), keeping your core and glutes engaged to avoid any dip in your lower back. Check out these other great morning stretches that will get you ready for the day.“Wheel pose helps to open up your chest, and promotes spine flexibility,” says Hoffman. Start in bridge pose, shoulders resting on the ground, your arms flat at your sides, your feet planted firmly on the ground hip-width apart. “Without moving your legs, engage your inner thighs and draw them towards one another as if you were squeezing a block between your legs,” says Hoffman. “Plant your hands back by your ears and point your elbows up. Root down through your feet to lift your hips and straighten your arms. Draw your sternum through the window of your shoulders,” she says. Lift into a backbend. “Try lifting your heels up off the mat to take pressure off of the low back.”

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