7 Common Slow Cooker Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

All the sins of refined salt, as we will list out, stem from the fact that it is composed of 99 per cent toxic sodium and chlorine and the remaining 1 per cent are trace elements and very toxic additives such as iodine, fluoride and aluminum, while basic minerals are lacking. Refined salt is a deadly toxin in our body and is recognized as such by body immune system which constantly put up fierce battle to eliminate it and in doing so is itself weakened considerably. This is one way our body immune system is weakened. Not only this, refined salt is known to cause many degenerative diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, stroke, hypertension, kidney diseases, and more.

About two-thirds of hypertensive patients have low unrefined salt in their body. A study by Dr. John H. Largh, MD and Dr. Mark S. Pecker, MD at Hypertensive Centre at Cornel Medical centre, USA revealed that high blood pressure does not depend only on salt intake but also in an overactive hormone system. Researchers say that when this system is overactive, renin, (which is a protein-digesting enzyme released by the kidneys acting to raise blood pressure) levels are excessively high. This indicates a physiological need for unrefined salt. Conversely, the study shows that low renin occurs in about one-third of hypertensive people, showing excess of refined salt.

That is easy if you are able to fetch water from the sea. It is very salty and all you have to do is put it in a freezer in an open container but do not let it freeze. Get it out just below ice point, about 5 degrees centigrade will be fine. At this lower temperature the solubility of the salt is lower and crystals of sea salt settles for you. Filter out the salt and repeat the process until you have had enough. Then wash your salt with clean water and dry it in a warm oven.

Due to lack of basic minerals, refined salt causes adrenal and thyroid problems. These glands play very important functions in the body. Through the secretion of hormones, they maintain muscle strength, proper energy levels, blood sugar and blood pressure. Not only this, refined salt causes constipation and the clogging of the colon by metabolic and toxic wastes. Refined salt causes raised blood pressure through retention of sodium laden water in body cells. While a neutral or slightly alkaline body pH is required for peak functioning of our body and well being of immune system, refined table salt produces acidic pH that weakens immune system and trigger the many degenerative diseases already listed. We now understand why healthcare professionals advise their patients to shun or reduce salt intake. We now know which type of salt they mean – refined salt. Unrefined sea salt is what we need.

But never even say nutrition if you are excluding salt in your diet. This is because our body requires adequate amounts of minerals and salt for peak performance and good health. Actually, low salt content in our body causes a lot of malfunctions including increase in insulin levels which is reliably associated with diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovaries and cancer

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